Effect of gases on the ozone layer

There are many risks arise from the lack of ozone gas in Earth's atmosphere, which God Almighty shield of living of the risk of harmful radiation coming from the sun, so God made the increase in this layer Kalnqassan, and must maintain a balance and not to breach through some of the industries chemical, which produces materials such as Alklorvrukrbunat, in sprays, such as some freshener or insect killer, as well as gases used in refrigeration, as these materials react with the ozone gas and is working to broken balance created by God Almighty to protect the creature on the surface of the earth. . Glory, who mocked us this to be a shield to protect humans, animals and plants at risk of harmful radiation.

Suggest the hypothesis of the Worlds Rowland and Molina Molina and Rowland (1974), that the inauguration of the cooling media of invasive ChloroFluoroCarbons Chloro Floro Carbon (CFCs) (such as Freon R113, R12, R11 .. etc) in the upper atmosphere (stratosphere), leads to erosion of the ozone layer ozone layer. And areas that use the previous vehicles are:
Refrigeration Engineering (Calverionat and cooling media used in refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners)
Industry sprays Aerosols (in perfumes and decorative items, pesticides, ..) or medical sprays for the treatment of asthma
Manufacture of plastic foam extremes (such as condoms) and soft (such as wrapping paper thick).
Surrounded by earth cover gas, and is called the cover with a height of 10 km to the troposphere troposphere, which is surrounded by a layer stratosphere stratosphere, which extends up to 50 km thick.
They protect the Earth from deadly cosmic rays
We humans are others features of the globe because of nuclear waste and Atjarb
And negative repercussions on human, animal and plant
If the great powers remain on this pattern are the first people pay the price for their mistakes
And powerful countries will be erased from the map
And in the future be more severe natural disasters to humans, animals and plants
And many countries will disappear under the sea and oceans
This is a natural phenomena, scientists predicted and astronomers the future of the planet
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