Solve the problems of cooling and Alcabrs Allomina

Young subject, but a long-Grill Alhan Tertahon patient from the heat and Grill Agheraúo topic
God willing, are benefiting
And Aalit if to prove to the benefit of all and that is vote in the event benefited or not, and I guarantee you, God willing, you claimed the benefit by 90% but only if the application of all the steps mentioned in the subject
I wish you happy summer
Note: You may need you equip Qrecatk Merritt in case you are not found on the step you need and you are settled in
Start with the name of God
Many complainants from the heat and air conditioner in Alcabrs alumina with the onset of spring, summer, and I mean to have a full right!

Alhan discover the solution to the necessary know the reasons for heat and air conditioner in Alkwabrs as especially watt and 8 Cylinder
But I Halit most of the problems with 100 years experience in Alkwabrs knew most of the reasons for the heat and the best adapted solutions to the problems of heat conditioning
I thank God then complained about the heat of the back until the air conditioner and heat
In any case Khalohna enter on the subject along, God willing, are benefiting

Thread of the reasons give a warm air conditioner
1 - the size of the machine and the Great Old causing a rise in temperature without enough air to enter the Maker of the owners of the 4 Cylinder comfortable
2 - Da's and sudden acceleration of the vehicle and adapted Chgal causing the warming of the machine and asphalt
3 - Do not install the cooler Kir isolated from Rdir Agency
4 - Do not install the fan in front of the third Alrdir conditioner
5 - not to put Freon pray cause problems even for Comersr and gives excellent cooling
6 - Alcomersr tired or is not Genuine
7 - pressure Freon be incorrect
8 - sewage water is dirty (Alrdir + hoses)
9 - If you car home in the land of the reasons Old delirious abandon conditioner Haaar put the car back to the origins
10 - Failure to ventilate the car a bit and open the windows a few Alhan Mataatjma temperature inside the car
11 - twice the battery or Dinmo or both of them!
12 - lift the plastic cover above the Alrdir and part of the fans!
13 - Mai Trmbh weak or deficient
Many reasons, but we are interested in the reasons the most impact on the air-conditioned

The solution to leave the traditional solutions, and Old and young Ejreboha Astphado Shi
Alhan be excellent in the back Altered needs several things applied Alhan feel the difference

Note the exception of delirious solutions, but the owners of modified cars Maymana Aejrebunha possible benefit with them
Solutions are:
1 - Make sure there is no smuggling in water Alrdir making sure that the text of the letter of distilled water, water, red or green predicate
2 - Programming fans Bhbut If you run the air conditioner fans Chgalh along without interruption
3 - make sure the momentum of the fans is not enough that the fans operate shows that the fans intact
4 - not Da's and sudden acceleration of the car the best you walk Shi calm Alhan Metrf from the heat of the machine and the tar am I giving up to the owners of the Japanese Istvzonk Alhan Tdas because if Dast the other hand claimed to be a hot air-condition

5 - monitor the counter electronic heat temperature should be between 100-94, even if the weather is hot in the afternoon
6 - Installation of additional fan in front of Alrdir and running when you run the air conditioner
7 - delirious step is a significant installation of Freon Genuine U.S. needed Avatar riding you freon be confident in it, because some of them Maikhav God degrades you to Freon Abu dog on it is original and honest, tough you know that freon Old degrades you pray or not because in the beginning feel the air conditioner cool, but two days and is due the situation as it was not cool because of the freon not Genuine

8 - Alcomersr needed to be father I pray pray pray pray grandfather
9 - preferably in the case of increased temperature of the car open condoms on a Sifta but many do not speed up enough 100 for Atkhavon
Marah condoms should only fly if there is a strong preferred air speed only 70-80
And also take off the front grille to give the results of more than excellent

10 - run the air conditioner on the speed only a first even if it's hot in the beginning, no problem patient 5 Dqaig lot 10 Dqaig Chowh and kept cold, God willing, do not try to submit it for the second degree is sufficient direct openers conditioner you feel the cold and started
11 - preferably with a heat insulation on the windows of the car to help rapid cooling
12 - close air-condition the rear If there is no need for it
13 - Setting Drahh temperature conditioned at 20 ° C and the Tahth (c) this option in either air-condition-mail the owners of El-they have not found this option

14 - Before you run the freon fans prefer to run on the speed of the third or fourth period to allow for a simple hot air out then fill the air conditioner
15 - When you stand in reference Mark between you and the car is before you, a distance of Old allow air to pass by-side and in front of and under the car and put the car on neutral childbirth (n)
16 - make sure prevented Alrdir Is it clean or not and the course of all the water
17 - make sure that the tar and oil the machine in good condition and without lack or burning
18 - open the windows when you stop the car and get off of what Alhan accumulate heat inside the car and difficult to take advantage of the air-conditioned
19 - make sure the power of the battery and Aldenamwa because if there was a weakness in the electric car Marah Ischgl Alcomersr and fans are Mazboot therefore some young Idas on gasoline if you stop and feel the cool air-condition more, but the same thing error supposed to be just what Ischgl conditioned car automatically raise the strength of the movement of the machine Alhan recycling Alcomersr be stronger without it Tdas Old gasoline because of him claimed the more the temperature rises inside the machine
20 - return of the cover of the machine and the lid above the Alrdir and fans if they are within touching present
21 - make sure that the Mai Trmbh Mavera defect
22 - to ensure the efficiency of Alrdir because sometimes the material is made from them Alrdir lost its effectiveness in the heat exchange

If applied to everything that claimed the said exactly feel the difference, God willing, nor claimed the Tngahr after the day of the owners of the Japanese
Old youth benefit from an objective call me good

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