what the meaning of the word Freon

Where it came from and what the meaning of the word Freon
Since 1800 to 1929 poison gas used in refrigeration, such as ammonia, sulfur dioxide and chloric instance, and the latter due to leakage from refrigeration systems Playing people from the use of this medium in the home, so the disease competition between three U.S. companies are
Frigidaire, General Motors and DuPont
To detect and intermediate cooling less dangerous, and in 1928 discovered Thomas Mikdili and other broker magic they called Freon and is a brand not a physical meaning to it and include the word Freon many vehicles Alhalo Karbonep, and contains is known as the elements carbon and fluorine (the cause of entry into force of the layer ozone) and were introduced to him as a colorless and odorless and non-flammable and non-irritating to the eye and mucous membranes and because of this discovery company sold General Motors in 1921 more than 8 million refrigerators in the United States and in 1932 sold Krier first air conditioner is running on Freon cabin and called it the Pacific and has been recording the name and on behalf of the refrigerant Freon by a company EI du Pont de Nemours & Company (DuPont).

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